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what is rj45 in networking

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what is rj45 in networking

If you love reading blogs related to the networking or networking devices, then you must have heard about the word rj45. So, you must be feeling confused that what is this? So, today from this blog you will have the complete information regarding this word which is used commonly in case of networking.

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So, what is RJ45?

The RJ45 is commonly used as the socket or the plug. If you buy a new computer then they must have in-built RJ45 port. The meaning of RJ is registered jack and you can use this device easily if you are living in the area of United States of America. If you are using genuine RJ45 plugs or dlinkap dap 1360 setup, then they must have two contacts and eight pins. If we talk about the Ethernet applications, then the device RJ45 have eight pins and eight contacts.

If we talk about the Ethernet applications, the plugs are made with the eight pins and the eight contacts.

What is LAN port?

The socket of the LAN port is exactly same as that of the telephone socket. The LAN port is also known by the name of the Ethernet port, network port, network socket and the network card. If you have ever inserted the plug and the port then you might have seen that the locking will take place.

What is Ethernet?

The name of the Ethernet came into existence in the year of 1983. All the processes and the functions are controlled and maintained by the team of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. To concentrate upon the performance some of the different standards are setup for the device.  The widely used type of Ethernet cables are twisted pair but now it has been substituted with the RJ45.

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