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Website filtering for dlink router devices

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Website filtering for dlink router devices

using the website filters for your dlink WiFi router devices you can block the websites that you do not want to allow for your home network. You can fill URL of all the websites that you want to block for your network. Remember that keyword filter is totally different from website filter so their configurations are also not same.

In case of keyword filters, you will need to fill the particular keywords and all websites that contain some particular websites will get blocked. First you will need to access the configuration page for your device and there you can fill the websites that you want to block for your device.

Here are the Steps to Configure the Websites Filters for your Dlink WiFi Router Devices

  • Access the login page for your dlink WiFi router device and for that fill http:// dlinkrouter.local web address in the address bar.

  • Hit on the enter key and fill the dlink WiFi router login user name and password for your device.

  • At the top of the menu you will need to choose the “Advanced” option.

  • There you will find the “Website Filter” for your device.
  • Using the drop down menu you can select the condition whether you want to block the websites or you want to allow the websites that you are going to enter to the fields.
  • Using the check box enable the “Access Control” for your device.
  • Click on the “Next” button.
  • You can give a name for your policy and click on the “Next” button.

These are the simple steps to manage the website filters to your dlink WiFi router device and once the settings are saved you can easily make sure that your family members are not getting the websites that you want to block for your location. Make sure that you can have more details dlink ap extender configuration dlinkap wifi booster login dlink ap extender login dlink extender setup dap 1320 dlinkap local http dlinkap local login http:// dlinkap.local dlinkap local wizard dlinkap login dlinkap local wizard and dlinkap dap 1360 setup

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