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Dlink DCH-M225 Wi-Fi Audio Extender Extended Wi-Fi Settings

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Dlink DCH-M225 Wi-Fi Audio Extender Extended Wi-Fi Settings

Dlink DCH-M225 wifi Audio extender is the devices which you let’s play music from the devices like smartphone, tablet, and computers wirelessly to your speakers on HTTP dlinkap local login. Its use is very simple you just have to plug and play this device. You have to just plug the audio jack into music everywhere.

Its compact design lets you carry it easily anywhere while you are traveling. With its simple setup, you can quickly and easily connect it to an uplink router, configure the wireless extender. If you going to set up the wifi settings then you have to take the steps as mentioned here below. WIfi settings of the device let you connect your DCH-M225 with another wireless device. Settings areas mentioned.

dlinkap wireless setup wizard

The wireless mode: – This mode cannot be changed and this is to be set to the repeater.

Wifi Network Name (SSID):-To connect with DCH-M225 you can scan the available wireless networks by click on scan here. You can also found the network name by just add the name of SSID.

http dlinkap local login

Security Mode: – Wireless networks are also using security modes. You have to select the same security mode here for connecting the device.

Password:-For the network which you are attempting to join you will be required to enter the password or security key if you selected WEP or WPA-Personal. To connect the wireless device with the DCH-M225 extender device you can also use the WPS here.

dlinkap setup wizard

After the change, the settings HTTP dlinkap local login make sure to click on the save button to save the settings which you have updated. These settings let you configure the wifi settings to your connect DCH-M225 with another device. This is an uplink network which the DCH-M225 device will be able to extend. To find the wifi settings for updation you have to go through settings and select the wifi from the dropdown menu.

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